About ACW

About ACW


Thank you for taking your time to visit with us today, we know that time is at a premium for us today. The goal of the Apostolic Church here in Winder is to better serve those who God allows to come into our lives. We do not believe that life is an accident but that God has a purpose for us and directs us in the path He wants us to take. He then gives us the choice; we can go His way or we can choose our own path. The mission of ACW is to bring light to the wonderful and amazing things that God has in store for those who choose Him! We know and believe that God wants ALL to be saved, and He expects the church to be a place of love and support where that can happen.

Here at ACW we have a motto, we want to be “THE CHURCH YOU CAN CALL HOME”. That is why we place great value on the family. It is our goal to minister to the needs of the entire family unit. We want to be a place where children can grow up and learn about Jesus, we want them to know that He is the greatest blessing in their life. We want to give parents a place to build a life with God, and to fulfill His purpose in their lives. It is our desire that every person that comes will be ministered to and find their place in the family of God. As individuals in today’s world we truly need the hand of God to be upon us.

We would like to invite you to come and worship with us. We believe that the call of God is to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. When church time arrives we know that God will show up, His presence will minister to our hearts, He will supply our needs, and He will bless us!

We look forward to having you worship with us!