Joy Pals



Joypals is a Women’s Ministry of the Apostolic Church of Winder. The group was started in 2010, as the Holy Spirit led Sis. Leisa Dean to meet a need- a need to encourage others. She says, “we may not be able to meet a big need, but [we can] show we care and uplift someone.”

If you were to become a member of Joypals, you will be a part of a group of women who simply want to take the time to come together and think of other people. They have good food, great fellowship and a lot of fun doing it all. They even have a theme song, “Laffin’ Out Loud with the Lord” by Sis. Cantaloupe!



  • Encourage and stregthen minds & emotions
  • Renew a greater desire for God in their hearts
  • Realize what each can do for God’s Kingdom
  • Recognize talents and apply them
  • Reach out to others by sending cards, making phone calls, giving words of encouragement and other kind deeds
  • Learn to be conscious of visitors each service and reach out to them
  • Have fun and enjoy each other’s fellowship and snacks


  • Card Ministry- send encouraging thoughts to others
  • Devotions- based on our monthly theme
  • Pray- for the needs of the saved & unsaved
  • Outreach- Nursing Home visits, personal contacts & phone calls
  • Give-Aways- Taking stuffed
  • Canned Food Drive- Made a “Basket Full of Blessings” and gave to a very deserving family
  • Blood Drive- sponsored a life-saving blood drive through the American Red Cross


All are welcome to come with a sincere, willing mind & heart to do work for God.

Can you spare some time for a need?